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This page contains links to web sites that can provide additional information on many of the topics discussed in this site.

Home Networks

A good introduction to home networking can be found in the article on that topic at HowStuffWorks. See also the companion articles on wireless, phone line, and power line networks. Another excellent website for the person wanting to do all or part of it on their own is HomeNetHelp.com.



For the greater Boston area, check with Comcast and Verizon to see if they provide service to your area for DSL or cable modems. You can also visit DSLREPORTS  and get a listing of Broadband providers based on your Zip code.


A very complete discussion of the security aspects of home computers and networks is provided by the CERT Coordination Center of Carnegie Mellon University. A number of companies have joined together to sponsor the Stay Safe Online Campaign. You can learn more about home computer security at their web site www.staysafeonline.info .

The Automated Home

It is possible to extend the ideas on home networks into an almost totally automated house. See the Guided Tour at Smarthome.com to understand just how much of an automated home can be accomplished with current technology.



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