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WHBK Services for the Homeowner

Our services for homeowners in the Boston Metro West area fall into three areas:


Help in getting started with a new home computer


Adding a home network or Broadband access to your current computer system


Planning for an overall approach to the Broadband Home

Help In Getting Started

You may be thinking about getting a computer system or replacing that old one you have. But there are so many different ones on the market and so many different ways to connect up to the Internet. WHBK can help you to decide which system is best for you and assist you in the purchase, setting up, and connecting to the Internet for email and web access. After rebates, complete new systems are available starting in the $500 range.

Broadband Access and Home Networks

You already have a home computer system and dial-up Internet access. You are thinking about adding a second system and want to connect the two systems into a network and are interested in a higher speed Internet connection that will be shared among all the systems.

First, take a look at the write-ups on Broadband Issues , Home PC Networks, and Shared Internet Access. This will give you an idea of some of the options available in these areas. Second, sit down with your family and develop a plan for your own home network covering the next few years. If you are implementing a Broadband connection, be sure to include security and antivirus concerns in your plans. Third, go ahead and implement your plan. If you need help with any of these steps, contact us at WHBK.

Planning for your Broadband Home

You already have a small home network and are thinking about extending it. Or you may be moving to a different house or building a new one. There are several options for home networks both wired and wireless. What about using a single network to carry both computer data and video? Is your new house wired for data already? If it is going to be pre-wired, will there be sufficient space, power, and ventilation for servers, routers, and firewall systems? WHBK can function as your Information Architect and work with the other parties involved to insure your home of the future is what you want it to be.

The idea of a Broadband Home is now starting to become a reality. See our section on The Broadband Home.

The Links page contains pointers to more detailed information on some of the major topics like Broadband and Security.



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