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The Mission of Web-Enabled Homes By Ken is to provide computer and networking support and service to homeowners.

In the past, adding a computer to your home was a fairly easy process. There were a number to choose from and a connection to the Internet was a simple dial-up telephone circuit. As the single computer is replaced by multiple computers connected into a network and the dial-up becomes an always-on Broadband connection, there are several more choices and options to consider. In the near-term future, as a computer system becomes the focal point for all audio, video, and multimedia information within your house, the need for an organized plan becomes more apparent. Look to WHBK to help guide you through this process and maximize the return on your investment in this area over time.

If you are running a small business from your home, you realize that even in these uncertain financial times, this is the the right time to be thinking about updating your computer support, adding a broadband connection, creating a new web site, or adding on to your current one. At WHBK, we can help you with all of these issues.

The owner of WHBK, Ken King, has several years of experience in the computer and networking industry. He had worked with several generations of IT support systems, from punched-cards to interactive web-based ones. He believes that the home market is the most interesting IT marketplace over the next several years as that is where all of the technology trends are coming together.

For help with home and home office PC systems and networks including Broadband access and ISP sharing, contact WHBK for quiet, competent support. See the Contact Us page for options on getting in touch with us.

Services Rate Structure for 2008

As our customers are homeowners and small business owners, WHBK keeps its rates as low as possible. Our hourly rate for 2008 remains at $50 per hour. Larger projects such as web pages are quoted either by the hour or by the job. The initial meeting in which we discuss what you want to do and determine if WHBK can be of assistance is always free.